Full Stack dev

We’re looking for a talented, dynamic, passionate and ambitious self-starter to join our seasoned team; someone who is keen to learn and help take our work to the next level. We don’t put too much emphasis on job title, so while this position is listed as a ‘Full Stack developer’, don’t feel that you need to match that title exactly to be able to apply.

Core Requirements

You will need experience working with ECMAScript 2018 or newer and JavaScript frameworks (like React.js), a strong foundation of HTML5 and CSS3, and to have experience working with RESTful APIs.

Whilst not required, experience with TypeScript, document-oriented databases (such as DynamoDB), CSS preprocessors (such as Sass) or utility first CSS (such as Tailwind CSS) and AWS Lambda or other serverless platforms would be beneficial. The candidate should be able to successfully navigate through the browser compatibility version mesh, as well as implement Gatsby, or other JAMStack.

The ideal candidate will have a passionate interest in web technologies and web development, be keen to learn, and enjoy experimenting with and assessing new technologies, libraries, and frameworks.

Main responsibilities

Being part of a small development team means that you will be an integral factor to our business and technical expertise growth, as well as a lot of autonomy to solve problems in whatever way you feel is best. We’re looking for someone who understands and applies modern design principles in Web, who’s really willing to take ownership of their work, and who has the confidence to trust their judgement and take ideas and run with them.

You will design and build new features, as well as improve and maintain existing features; building and maintaining front-end JavaScript web-apps, building and maintaining a back-end API, written in Node.js.

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So what's next?

Recruitment steps



We will read carefully your submitted application. In case you have published open source code, projects or PRs, we'll go through them as well.



We conduct two interviews. First one aligns expectations and overviews each other's expertise. Second one is an in-depth technological chat and development opportunities discussion.



We make an offer to the candidate we think is the best fit for the role. In case you think different, we are open for another conversation.