Senior Automation QA Engineer

You consider yourself a rare breed of IT Professional, an engineer who knows every tiny detail of the products you've worked on. You don't call yourself just a QA. You have a passion for quality and solid automation experience.

We do too!

To all common minded peers, let's talk 'cause we offer an opportunity you cannot ignore - to shape the future of mobility!

  • Help build and validate a distributed compute platform.
  • Make the passenger feel safe and secure.
  • Control every bit that is going in and out of the vehicle.

What we are primarily looking for is a track record of building things that work and passion to make a better product.

Main Responsibilities

  • Review functional and design specifications to ensure full understanding of individual deliverables and identify acceptance criteria.
  • Review user requirements documents to ensure that requirements are testable.
  • Transform business rules into test plans and test specifications.
  • Design test automation frameworks and write automated tests to conduct complex functional, integration, regression and performance tests.
  • Perform manual testing when necessary as a first step in the creation of automated tests.
  • Automate the recording, reporting and analysis of test results.
  • Evaluate the suitability of automation test tools.
  • Identify, document and track bugs.
  • Assist with post-deployment testing in production environments.
  • Contribute to the establishment of QA Automation best practices.

Core Requirements

  • Proficient in writing and executing detailed test plans.
  • Proficient in writing automation tests and building test automation frameworks using Cypress, Selenium or similar tools.
  • Proficient in using and writing automated test tools and scripts with Python, JavaScript / TypeScript, shell scripting.
  • 5+ years experience in Software QA, at least 2 of them in QA Automation.
  • Advanced understanding of software testing and QA methodologies.
  • Ability to write technical documentation.
  • Good understanding of how the Internet works.
  • Knowledge of programming concepts.
  • Analytical mindset with the courage to make judgements and decisions.
  • Self-organized, proactive and good communicator.
  • Able to look through the customer lens.

So what's next?

Recruitment steps



We will read carefully your submitted application. In case you have published open source code, projects or PRs, we'll go through them as well.



We conduct two interviews. First one aligns expectations and overviews each other's expertise. Second one is an in-depth technological chat and development opportunities discussion.



We make an offer to the candidate we think is the best fit for the role. In case you think different, we are open for another conversation.