Tumba Solutions is a trusted software development partner for startups, SMEs and enterprise businesses worldwide . We have more than 20 years experience in different industry domains. Most prominent engagements are in news publishing, entertainment, wellness, autonomous mobility and Web 3.0.

Company involvements vary from designing and developing mobile applications and MVPs to building distributed systems at scale while transforming existing products with cutting edge technologies and concepts.

At Tumba we keep it simple - we adjust to your agile work process, provide predictable cost and ensure sustainable and unmatched product growth. Internally we follow the OKR methodology.

We keep our teams small, senior software generalists, zero personnel turnover. Team Formats vary between 3-, 5- and 7 persons.

Key tech & tools

Android EMM
System on a Chip
Big Data
Google BigQuery
Bluetooth LE


We developed an in-house product - an automated device provisioning to dedicated devices or kiosks. We are working on a heart training technology built with user privacy in mind.

We are open for partnerships under H2020 and looking for investment opportunities.


When cutting edge technology meets Automotive industry, we are the right partner. We have the start-up mindset, the consultant expertise and the business drive for results.

Digital City

Revolutionizing urban planning and mobility with Unreal Engine 5-based simulations. Explore lifelike scenarios and tech-driven solutions for complex urban environments.

Digital Media

We are seasoned devs in the news publishing, media and entertainment industries. We do holistic mobile solutions, not just apps. Want to see your business at the technology edge? Ping us.

Digital Health

We head the software development of the top-performance & smartest indoor trainer, adopted by world-class athletes, army and dedicated cyclists. Engineering sport metrics in data science is our thing.

Success stories

We benefited from your A-Team experience and visionary approach in the mobile space. We got speed, quality and most of all a personalized approach.

Dave, Managing Director

Tumba has been an integral part of the team. They combine a proven expertise in both engineering and product vision. On several occasions, Tumba went beyond the original project scope to ensure the delivery of projects within tight deadlines.

Norman, Director of Product Development

Tumba enabled us to hit milestones quickly and securely. We came from a completely non-digital world and immersed ourselves as seen as leading in aspects in our industry in only 12 months. We couldn't have done that without Tumba.

Richard, Commercial Director