It took us 10 years to reach the summit where we stand now. We, the people in Tumba, unite top-notch knowledge and prowess. We've developed innovative in-house products. We've evolved technological ventures to digital craftsmanship and business excellence.

At Tumba we keep it simple - we adjust to your agile work process, provide predictable cost and ensure sustainable and unmatched product growth. Internally we follow the OKR methodology.

We keep our teams small, senior software generalists, zero personnel turnover. Team Formats vary between 3-, 5- and 7 persons. Client engagements are 36 months on average. All teammates have 100% client-facing roles and become an integral part of development and communication.


Full Stack
Big Data
Machine Learning
Distributed Systems
System Software


We developed an in-house product - an automated device provisioning to dedicated devices or kiosks. We are working on a heart training technology built with user privacy in mind.

We are open for partnerships under H2020 and looking for investment opportunities.

Success stories

To be able to contract a team of extremely talented engineers is rare enough, but to find a group that cares as much about your product as anyone at your company, if not more— that is truly special— and this is what Tumba brought to us. Without their efforts, combined with this kind of consideration for the work, we would have never enjoyed the level of success that we did.

Jordan, VP Product

It's a delight working with Tumba, the quality of code is outstanding, even more the quality of the communication. Here's highest praise for an external company I can give: It's 100% like we're all part of the same team!

Roben, Engineering Manager

The engineers are not only great developers but they're also openly collaborative and communicative. They're fully invested in shipping a high-quality product that our users will love. We know they care not just about their day-to-day tasks but how those fit into the larger strategy for The Wall Street Journal.

Michael, VP Engineering