We deliver top-notch software solutions. We bring optimal business value and product growth. We have got you covered from MVP to tech ownership.

"Tumba" is a mountain peak in Bulgaria. Its meaning in Bulgaria describes a group of friends with common goals very close and strong together. We have more than 20 years experience in diverse technologies, different business stages and industry domains.


Full Stack
Big Data
Machine Learning
Distributed Systems
Privacy & Security


At Tumba we keep it simple - we adjust to your agile work process, provide predictable cost and ensure sustainable and unmatched product growth. Tumba team can become an integral part of your business or a SWAT team for your MVP/ idea validation.

We keep our teams small, senior software generalists, zero personnel turnover. We have a starter Accelerator program, which is risk free and helps us both identify, if we can be a right fit for sustainable partnership.

Tech Ownership

You are the business owner. We will be the responsible party for technical growth strategy, alignment between units, and value added.

Product Growth

You have built a viable product with growth potential. We will help you navigate to its most sustainable, productive and commercial future.

Team Extensions

Your team needs expertise measured in productivity, not in #devs per hour. We will be integral part of your team, enhance the performance and satiate the valid business needs.

Proof of Concept

You have a solid business idea. You know the tech behind is crucial and you know you need a partner. We will bring clarity and efficiency. We will make sure you see your idea validated.

Success stories

I would happily recommend Tumba Solutions to any organization looking to partner with a mobile engineering group that can truly become part of their team.

Michael, VP Engineering

You became a clear extension to our team, shared true passion, always finding better ways to achieve our goals!

Richard, Commercial Director

A true partnership! Tumba are very easy to work with, always reliable, trustworthy, thorough and proactive. They care not only about the client, but also the customer's experience.

Michael, VP Product