VR & 3D simulations

By leveraging the power of Virtual Reality (VR) simulations and the Unreal Engine, present-day technical teams can go beyond the rigid constraints of real-world testing. As an alternative, they can experiment with a variety of VR scenarios to create safe and reliable products.

At Tumba Solutions, we understand the importance of getting the most out of both your R&D and testing phases. That's why we support our clients through the development of 3D simulations to help them improve their product designs and test the performance of their products in virtual or mixed reality. We provide deep expertise, tools, and resources needed to help teams save time and money while simultaneously ensuring the safety and reliability of their products. For example, our simulations can help teams develop working prototypes of their products in a virtual environment, simulate a variety of scenarios to test the performance of their design, and quickly identify any potential problems before they become costly issues.

Key tech & tools

Unreal Engine
Oculus Quest
Visual Studio
Autodesk 3D
Adobe Creative



Investing in 3D simulations and testing scenarios in virtual reality can help validate product ideas and industrial design concepts early on, thus allowing thousands of savings in company resources and component production.

UX & User Journey

Testing user interactions in complex multiplayer journeys within mixed or VR can help gain insights into how to assess user behavior and optimize user experience. Our prowess is the design and development of photorealistic cityscapes and experiences for advanced testing simulations, including the design of 3D models and the environment.

Marketing Content

When it is time for investors or amazing video assets for promotional use, we are the partner you will be looking for. VR simulations can be used as effective marketing materials to showcase a product, service, or experience in a more immersive and engaging way.

Success stories

Their work significantly affected our research and design process. They provided us with the ability to preview automotive CAD that doesn’t exist yet so we can make better decisions on HMI/ergonomics, created a series of repeatable tests we can test on-site or remotely, and have helped Motional understand the importance of developing modular 3D environments/props for ML projects.

Senior UX Prototyper, Motional

They’re a very integrated part of our company and when I talk about Tumba, they feel like an extension of my team rather than a contractor.

Senior Product Manager, Self-Driving Car Company

I really appreciated your team and the amazing work products you generated for us. It allowed us to generate some exciting and ground-breaking research. Quickly.

Paul Schmitt, Motion Planning Architect Expressive Robotics


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