Pure passion for technology, coupled with endless admiration for the automotive industry are the roots of our focus and dedication to participate actively in the future of mobility.

Tumba is an integral part of the team responsible for building software for self-driving cars and autonomous robo-taxi fleets. We have industry understanding, own trial solutions and major strive to help you transform the automotive industry worldwide. AutoTech is currently in the state of search and integration of mobile solutions, in which we have more than 15 years of experience and several breakthroughs.

Key tech & tools



Team Extensions

Your team needs expertise measured in productivity, not in #devs per hour. We will be integral part of your team, enhance the performance and satiate the valid business needs.

Proof of Concept

You have a solid business idea. You know the tech behind is crucial and you know you need a partner. We will bring clarity and efficiency. We will make sure you see your idea validated.

Success stories

I was in the car late last week, and the visualization is looking very, very good. Excellent work by all involved!

Karl, CEO

Good thorough thinking about features, quality of code and robust features built.

Renaud, Director of Connected Vehicle

It's been great working with Tumba. They bring good insight into product discussions. They can always be trusted to implement with minimal guidance. I appreciate their willingness to be flexible in their development process to accommodate changes in business.

Ian, Director of Product