Senior Java Backend Developer
with Spring Boot

You take your morning brew pure: strong, hot and bitter. You run on Java in your veins and 'till this day you bless James Gosling and Sun Microsystems for the wonderful platform they have created.

We do too!

To all common minded Java enthusiasts, let's talk and explore together how deep the rabbit hole goes and does it lead to wonderland!

What we'd like to do together:

  • Automate challenging workflows to increase time and money spent in a more meaningful way.
  • Integrate systems that were never thought of being able to talk to each other.
  • Optimise flows using machine learning… and Java.

What we are primarily looking for is a track record of building things that work and passion to make a better product.

Main Responsibilities

  • Assist with high-level analysis and design, be able to identify gaps in requirements and proactively seek clearance and refinement.
  • Break down features into easy-to-estimate tasks and take them through all its stages in a predictive manner with attention to details.
  • Write high quality, maintainable code that can be run on distributed systems.
  • Guides junior developers and remove any impediments that they might encounter.
  • Identify opportunities for improving both the software and the development methodologies and procedures and communicate recommendations appropriately.
  • Continuously discover, evaluate and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Core Requirements

  • Proficient in Java, Java Platform and Spring Boot.
  • Proficient in OOD and OOP, natively applies SOLID principles, design patterns, where needed, and YAGNI.
  • 5+ years of backend development using Java and 2+ years using Spring or Spring Boot.
  • Experience developing data-intensive distributed systems, experience with different messaging solutions, storage systems and integration patterns.
  • Setup or maintain CI/CD systems.
  • Self-organised, proactive and good communicator.
  • Able to look through the customer lens.
  • Likes to help, mentor and guide other team members.
  • Development for the cloud is a plus.
  • Experience creating or maintaining SPA using React or Angular is a plus.

So what's next?

Recruitment steps



We will read carefully your submitted application. In case you have published open source code, projects or PRs, we'll go through them as well.



We conduct two interviews. First one aligns expectations and overviews each other's expertise. Second one is an in-depth technological chat and development opportunities discussion.



We make an offer to the candidate we think is the best fit for the role. In case you think different, we are open for another conversation.